Microwave mishaps

I’m taking the day off today, now that I’m back from ALA, and so my day started much later than normal. I put a bowl of water for my oatmeal into the microwave to heat for what I thought was 2 minutes, and forgot about it. I’ll go back and reheat it, I thought, and continued with what I was doing.

I just walked into the kitchen, and the microwave was still going!

It had 7 minutes left of 20 minutes. I was baking my bowl at this point, and oh, the smell! The bowl was cracked in half, and thankfully, though it was crispy in some places, the same hadn’t happened to the glass revolving plate–though both were hot enough that they might have been in the broiler.

I guess I won’t be having oatmeal this morning. Perhaps I should go to the store and get some milk and eat cold cereal!