I rock

…and Shannon Hale is hilarious.

Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to get a book signed by her, don’t miss that chance. You’ll come away with such classics as “Tallyho! Mr. Darcy thinks you’re hot” and “For Stacy, Who found her dream job. I’m sure it was my doing. You rock.” Of course, that last one is a little more specific than most (she and I met a few years ago at a conference–when I was still a grad student and Enna Burning, her second book, had just been released–where she wrote that she hoped I found my dream job).

Her talk beforehand was hilarious–also never miss an opportunity to hear her speak–and now I have a picture of us together, which I didn’t have from back in the day at my first LTUE as a guest. 

My only disappointment: that we didn’t get too long to catch up. Shannon, we’ll have to catch up sometime!