John Scalzi says hi

This post is entirely for my friend


I’m at ALA today, standing in our booth. It was during Candice Ransom’s signing of her chapter book series Time Spies, and who do I see walking through our booth?

I leave it to Brandon to answer that with a shout.

p.s. Real recap of the show, including pictures, to come. But I’ve had some late nights and early mornings, so it’s not happening tonight. Quick summary: it’s really great! As usual, our booth is comfy and inviting, and people are liking our books. We’ve had some great chats with so many peopl
e. Tomorrow morning Candice and Tiffany Trent (

) will be at a breakfast, and then Tiffany is signing at the Random House booth and in the afternoon she’s reading at the Live at Your Library stage in the afternoon. Tomorrow will be a very busy day.