Computer angst

The very nice guy in our IT dept is looking at my laptop, and now that he’s finally seen the problem (it liked him so much it worked for him till I came down and it broke again), so far there are two things it could be (subject to change): the keyboard (under $100 repair) or the processor (um, probably want to replace the whole computer).
Over the course of the last week of this happening I’ve kind of gotten used to the idea of maybe getting a new computer, so I’ve been pricing them and it really might be fun to get a new computer–though I’d have to automatically go with Vista and of course there’s the little matter of paying for the new computer.
But it’s a possibility, and I need a computer–both for working from home and remotely while I travel, and for personal stuff like managing my money and my writing and my family history and pictures and all of that. So I’ll do what I must. 
But I also like the computer I already have, and don’t really want to get a new one. So I’m rooting for the keyboard being the p
If I do need a new computer, I’ve considered getting a MacBook, since they’ve started equalling PCs in price. Still something I’m considering, though, because it would mean getting new programs, which would add to my costs. Macs can run Windows now, but I’d have to buy it–unless… would my old WindowsXP discs work to install Windows on a Mac? Something to think about!
Also: since my friend is doing all this because he’s just nice, I need to do something nice for him. I’ll bake him cookies, that’s a given. What else can you do/give a coworker for just doing something nice? Product points? Gift certificate?