I want to post an IRA wrap-up with pictures, but I don’t know if my computer will last long enough to let me do it. Halfway through the week at IRA what started as a minor annoyance has turned into me wondering if I should replace my laptop. A friend is going to look at it sometime next week and help me figure that out–hopefully it’s just something like the video card got jostled–and if it’s fixable I might be online sooner than I thought, but I have a feeling I’ll be mostly dark next week, LJ-wise. This is probably not a bad thing, because I have plenty to catch up one work-wise what with being in Toronto for a week.
By the time I get back, the world will have moved on from IRA, but I’ll be the slowpoke anyway because I think you’ll love to see pictures of our comfortable little booth, even if it is a week late. It’s just as comfortable to sit in as the pictures imply.
Thus teasing you, I leave you. Keep your fingers crossed for my poor little computer.