A blog fashion show

Spent the afternoon at a conference at my church. The best kind of church singles’ conference is one in which you don’t actually focus on the “trial” of being single. My friend Cindy arranged for a coworker of hers, who happens to be the photographer at Seattle University, to come and teach us a class on digital photography. We spent four hours this afternoon talking about photography and picking his brain and then walking around the Seattle Temple grounds taking pictures. (We’d considered going to the Bellevue Conservation Gardens, but the temple was right next door to the conference so that saved us travel time.)

I found some nice shots of various things. My favorite from the afternoon:

And it doubles as a fashion show because I get to show off my new shoes and socks. I grabbed  Mary Janes on clearance yesterday the sa
me day that I happened to walk into J.C. Penney on a day they were having a 50% off (almost) everything sale. I walked away with entirely too many shirts (but granted, not as many as I walked into the dressing room with). And my personal Trinny/Susannahs would be proud–they follow all the Rules. And I got a great skirt. If “Trinny” and “Susannah” are reading this right now, yes, I’m bringing the clothes to Toronto and I intend to show off. 🙂

I am tempted to make that into a usericon. It would be kind of fun. But not tonight. I’ll have to post the other pictures later, because I’ve come to accept that I simply won’t get packed tonight before midnight. I’m off to Toronto at 6 tomorrow morning. If you come to the show, see you there.