Driven in by bees

It is such a lovely day today. Warm sunshine, flowers blooming… did I mention how warm it is? Lovely. So I took the manuscript I was editing and headed outside to the courtyard. The tables were already in the shade, though, and I wanted true warmth. I wanted Vitamin D, I tell you! 

And I got it, for about an hour. After a while, though, I realized it was getting really painful to read from the brightness. But it wasn’t until the bees came out that I decided it was time to come in. Actually, I think it might have been wasps, but I didn’t stay long enough to find out. The flowers behind the bench I was sitting on were blooming quite nicely, so I hope it was bees, but it could have been wasps attracted by the trash bin that was about 50 feet away.

Still, perhaps I got some nice color out of it, and perhaps my bones will thank me later. (Don’t you need vitamin D for calcium absorption? Maybe I’m just associating that in my head because milk always has vitamin D added. I knew the answer to this once.)

So now I’m
back inside, gazing longingly out the window (that’s a perk–I have a cubical by a window, and mostly my view is of treetops, though at the right angle it’s also of the front parking lot). But I’m off to relocate once again to the soft chairs in our library, which are the next best place to edit a manuscript compared to sitting outside in the beautiful sun. 

I’ve missed you, sun. Stay for a while.