Lost-ness, walks, and laser pointers

So I had kind of lost faith in Lost. I didn’t watch it for a long time. But people at work were talking about it as if it were getting interesting again, so a few weeks ago I caught up on all the episodes I could online, and I’ve been watching it with my roommates. And I think it’s redeeming itself. Lots of good surprises, and they’re actually tying up some loose ends, such as just what the Dharma initiative is (kind of, or at least, where they went). But man, today’s episode? Creepy and kind of frightening. I hope it all comes together, but I have a feeling the last episode of the season (episodes? I don’t know how many are left) will leave me hanging.

Went for a walk around Green Lake tonight with a friend, and it was *so* nice to get out in the sunshine! I’ve got so much to do before I leave town this weekend, but I feel so much better for taking a break.

Got a laser pointer yesterday as a cat toy. This has been recommended to me before, but I didn’t know if my cats would really go for it. Surprisingly, Mogget, he of the “sniff, I’ve seen it all” p
ersonality, went wild over it. I’m afraid the batteries that came with it weren’t very strong, though–it was going visibly weak after just a few hours’ play (well, over the course of several hours, so it was actually not that many minutes, either). I think I might go grab a couple cheap watch batteries–the batteries that came with it might have been sitting around for too long and just gotten weak. But if only I’d thought to video his chasing it, because it was like he was a little kitten again. (He’s only just under two years old now, but he stopped being kittenish when I got Tildrum, who had enough energy for both of them.)

Good amusements for an evening, I must say. 😀 Now I need some sleep.