I’m afraid I won’t have much to say this week, as I have lots of work to do, tying up loose ends before heading out to Toronto on Sunday. 
But I might share with you a few links and a few pictures. Eventually. Pictures of what? Perhaps my overflowing desk? The beautiful sunny day outside that is wooing me? Don’t worry, I’m holding firm, sitting in my air-conditioned cube and going through a copyedit so I can turn over a book to typesetting.
Speaking of, I have to get back to that. More later. And perhaps pictures. Why not? I have to use the camera I’ve been hauling around for a couple days somehow. Which reminds me, I have a gift card for the camera store that I should go spend before leaving for Toronto. Suggestions for things to see if I have time? I’ve never been there and really don’t know anything about it.