Wondering where I’ve been?

So have I. How did it get to be Friday already? One moment I was hurrying into the office on Monday morning, trying to get there early to get back to a problem I’d had to leave behind at midnight Friday night–yes, I left the office last Friday at midnight, yikes!–and the next moment it’s Friday and I’m finally, finally taking a little bit of time to go through some manuscripts that people have been patiently waiting to hear back from me on.
The last couple of weeks have been full of me running from meetings to putting out editorial fires. Crazy things happening at the last minute that push everything else aside until you figure out what happened. Quick thinking on the part of everyone involved to make it work. Big sighs of relief when you know the book will still make it out on time, and even in excellent shape.
I’m sure if you work in another industry you can still sympathize. Sometimes it all comes piling up at once. Then you get a moment to breathe and realize just how much you need to catch up on to balance things out!
My goal for the weekend is twofold: to read, read, read, and to
sleep, sleep, sleep. I also just remembered that I am teaching a Sunday School class for my church this Sunday, which means some of that reading will be non-work related. But the goal is to get as many responses out so that my submission pile is once again under control. Then on to more editing, and I will at last be caught up before heading out of town next week. 
So if you’re waiting on hearing from me, thanks again for your patience.