Buffy Comic, Dresden Files, and Great Openings

While waiting for the latest episode of the Dresden Files to download in Itunes, I thought I’d catch up on a question here, but suddenly I’m torn because I remembered what I bought at the bookstore this evening while waiting for my hairstylist to catch up on her schedule. 

It had been a good six months to a year since I’d seen her last, and I figured, what was another half hour? Well, that half hour can be dangerous when there’s a bookstore nearby.  Despite continually reminding myself that it wasn’t like I had all that much time to read the books I already had, I couldn’t resist picking up the first book in the series by Jim Butcher that the TV series is based on. Will have to let you know how it is if I ever get the chance to read it.

While talking to the booksellers at the Waldenbooks in the Southcenter Mall (which was great–they were so helpful and excited to learn about Mirrorstone, too), I remembered that I wanted to grab a copy of the Buffy Season 8 comic. They only had the first installment, but I was proud of myself for remembering while I was near a place that might sell it! So far, hilarious. I got several strange looks while sitting in the salon waiting room for laughing out loud at some of the dot-connections within the first pages. As others have mentioned before, if you’ve seen Angel Season 5, there are some little details thrown in for you.

I have a pile of books here next to me with great openers that I wanted to go through one by one to answer the question posed in an earlier comments thread. 

However, it’s very late, and my episode just finished downloading, so I hope you all won’t get too ancy if leave that until later. But at least I have a pile of examples and I’ll hopefully have time in the next couple days to get my thoughts on them together.

Until then, perhaps y’all should go find Buffy Season 8 for yourselves! (Have you watched the first seven seasons? And all of Angel? That’s what my now-roommate and I have been doing off and on since last summer and we just finished season 7 in Jan. or Feb., so this is fortuitous timing!