Peeps galore!

In honor of the lighter side of Easter, I give you the most hilarious thing I’ve found today aside from ‘s waking up as an Easter egg. I think would be proud. (if you haven’t seen her Peep shows–links to more at the bottom of that entry–you should head on over there; my favorite is the Peeps joust)

Apparently it’s a Seattle tradition: a photo contest of Peeps! 30 winners were posted on the Seattle Times website. My favorites (though most of them are hilarious):



Peep Art

Ameripeep Gothic

FrankenPeep (note: starring Gregory Peep, Penelopeep Cruz, & George Peepard)

GreenPeeps take a stand

Peep vs. Viaduct (a very Seattle joke!)


Catzilla Peep attack (from a 10-year-old!)

Peeple Magazine (read all the text! especially if you like Lisa Yee’s jousting, notice the obese peeple :D)

PeepCSI (Apparently they still haven’t found the bodies from the microwave mob fight.)

And my  #1 favorite:

The Peepernacle Choir