Austenland or Dresden Files?

My enviable dilemma for the evening is to either watch another episode of my new favorite show, The Dresden Files on SciFi (via Itunes), or read more of Austenland, by Shannon Hale (I managed to grab an ARC at ALA Midwinter). I must say, this show is awesome. Harry Dresden is a wizard. A wizard who lives in modern-day Chicago.
It’s like Law and Order, only with wizards. 
Seriously. Only better.
And that’s coming from a L&O fan.
He gets into situations where he has to deal with cops–crimes involving supernatural things, like werewolves and hellions and crows that are really weird magical beings. But he can’t tell anyone who doesn’t already know about the supernatural anything about what’s going on, so it puts him in some interesting situations, having to solve problems on his own or get into situations where he might get arrested for what he’s doing.
Very good. It’s apparently based on books by the same name, but I’ve never read them myself. Anyone else read them?
By the way, this show is a great answer to a recent commen
t by Scott Westerfeld in an interview in Locus. Oh, it must have been six months or more now. He said that whenever he travels to a new country the first thing he does is turn on the TV, but then he’s utterly bored or disappointed, I can’t remember his words, if the show is just a cop show or a drama without anything supernatural. I remember him saying that he looks at a L&O kind of show and hopes that the lawyer is going to sprout wings or throw a fireball or something. Well, here’s the show for him. 🙂
And Cindy, if you’re reading this, yes, Shannon Hale + Jane Austen. You’re on the list of people to borrow it after my coworker, who I stole it back from tonight to read.
ETA: BTW, Dresden Files is set in Chicago! I love Chicago.