Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas in the last thread. You’re all thinking about what I was thinking, and you gave me some great examples. 
I’m done, done, done with my last apartment. Got my vacuum back (though not my broom and dustpan) and got the kitchen clean. Done. Never going to live in an apartment complex ever again. Too much gambling on whether your neighbor will be a smoker and whether the management and maintenance will be competent, and usually way overpriced anyway.
Currently putting together those thoughts on fantasy–both the idea of it being all around us and the evolution of folk/fairy tales and mythology through fantastic stories all the way back to Beowulf and A Midsummer Night’s Dream through the Victorians and up to today. It’s really amazing how fantasy really is a part of most cultures and their storytelling. And then there was what’s his name in the Victorian era who consigned fantasy to the nursery… James? Yes, Henry James. We talked about it a bit in my Victorian class in grad school. It was a complete cultural shift, in my opinion, in people’s overt opinion
s of “fantasy” the large concept, but it’s so interesting how it’s still pretty much infused in our culture.