The non-post post and an open thread on fantasy

Just a quick drive-by to say that there will be no post of substance today because ARRRgh and GRRRRR, my old apartment complex totally sucks. Went back tonight to finish the last of my cleaning and take out my vacuum and cleaning supplies. And when I arrived, they were gone.

Just how does a person assume that the tenant who has not turned in her keys and who still has a week left on a lease, and whose kitchen is full of stuff, is somehow done with the apartment? Perhaps a phone call might have been in order?

I’d like my vacuum back, for one. And my nice broom. And my nice dustpan and little broom and mop. Not to mention the cleaning solutions and paper towels. 


I’m just so furious right now. Fuming. Especially because the manager is unreachable after 6pm.

And to top it off, I came home and the landlord in the new place (who doesn’t actually maintain much himself) had left us a note saying that if we didn’t clean up the “mess” (i.e., my boxes still
in various states of unpacking, because it’s been all of a week) we could find a new place to live by Friday. What?

I’m just furious. Furious I tell you! Furious enough to go to every apartment-reviewing site and tell everyone about my last year in that apartment complex.

At least in the new place I think if we just tell him about the moving thing–because he may not have been aware, since I’m subletting–he’ll probably understand. Goodness, he can try maintaining a few things around here before getting on our case about a few boxes lying around. I mean, I spent much of yesterday evening washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping, wiping the counters–he saw it in its *clean* state!


At this rate I’m going to go be a pirate. (Speaking of which, if you’ve never heard the song The Last Saskatchewan Pirate, you must. Even two or three years after hearing it the first time I laugh out loud when I hear it. It’s here, link in the middle of the page, if you’re interested in hearing it.)

Now I’m off to put together some thoughts on the evolution of fantasy and fantasy in pop culture. Open thread portion: tell me about where you see fantasy and the fantastic in pop culture. For someone who doesn’t read fantasy, where in their
normal everyday life would you tell them they’re already seeing it? Popular movies? Folklore and fairy tales? Disney movies? What else?