LibraryThing vs. Goodreads

Anybody have experience with both of these? I can’t use LibraryThing’s widgets on my LJ because they’re javascript.’s widget is HTML, but appears to be too large for my sidebar. At least both of them lets you import and export Excel files–I was able to export the 150-something books(that  I’d entered painstakingly by hand) from Librarything over to Goodreads within minutes. Even though it’s easy to look up a book by ISBN in either, it still ends up being an hours-long process when you have thousands of books. The 150 books in my LibraryThing and now in Goodreads are just the tip of the iceberg, what I had the time to enter that one day in October. (And I haven’t gone back to LibraryThing since, mainly because I realized how useless it is for someone with an LJ if I wanted to embed the code in my sidebar as a “look what I’m reading” sort of thing.)

But I don’t like the Goodreads’ “look what I’m reading” thing any more, being all text. Which is why I started coding my own, because it’s prettier. But that also means it’s more cumbersome.

Anybody on LJ have experience with something like these services that works on LJ?