More unpacking new icon

Thanks to

, who helped me get my new icon down to the right file size to upload to LJ. I have no idea why Photoshop was making it so large, but I have a great icon now however it happened!

Speaking of Mogget (the subject of my new icon), I’ve been unpacking and the cats have been wandering around the house. Like I said in my last post, Mogget has been wandering around outside my bedroom, which is good. Except… though he’s gotten mostly used to Nikki, he doesn’t quite like the other two roommates–he hasn’t seen them often enough because they live upstairs.

So this afternoon I picked him up to show him where his food was (
I’d just moved it from my bedroom out to the dining room), when one of the girls upstairs came down. In his fright, Mogget totally clawed me for the second time today. The first was … I forget why. Some loud noise or something. Argh. Anyway, he’s doing better, but my arms are feeling the worse for wear. At least he’s out in the living room and dining room checking things out now!

I’ve organized so much today and I feel all proud of myself. But in all my organizing, my room looks the same. You know how that goes–you put ten boxes away, but then bring ten more out that need unpacking next? That’s the stage I’m in. At least my closet is all organized, though–I can find my towels! I can find my food in the kitchen! It’s amazing!