Scalzi running for SFWA president

As some of you may know, my friend Brandon Sanderson () has a friendly rivalry going with John Scalzi, a remnant of a fun time they had as nominees for the Campbell last year. So it makes seeing this particularly funny, given that over the last  year or so I’ve been reading Scalzi’s blog because of this connection, and have seen all sorts of wacky things from both of them (not really related to each other, just saying they’re both kind of wacky guys. In a good way).
That said, Scalzi’s run for the SFWA presidency is in earnest, so if you are a SFWA member, you might be interested in his post about why he’s running . He’s
followed up on his blog and on the SFWA election blog with many discussions of those points, so I recommend heading over there to check it out.
(Thanks to Shaken & Stirred for the flag link.)