Strange things afoot with LJ feeds

I had been wondering all week why the Blue Rose Girls hadn’t posted. I read them on my LJ friends page, where most of the blogs I read are collected through blog feeds to LJ. Makes it convenient for me to scan the page for interesting posts without having to spend a lot of time clicking through.

Well, that’ll teach me. Apparently I haven’t gotten their feed on my friends page all week! There are several days’ worth of posts now I haven’t read. 🙁 This has happened a few times on the LJ friends page, so I should know better than to rely upon it for blogger feeds. Perhaps this is more reason for me to head over to JacketFlap for such things, because they seem to get all the feeds just fine. I might do an experiment. I’m all about experimenting lately. Changing up the diet, changing up the habits, moving in with roommates, all sorts of changes lately!

Anyone else have this problem with the feeds on LJ? I don’t think it’s affecting my reading of people I’ve added as friends–just the LJ feeds of off-LJ blo