I haven’t been over to JacketFlap for a while, simply out of negligence, which means that recently that when I figured out how to do buttons on my sidebar I forgot to add this one:
Add This Blog to My JacketFlap Blog Reader
… (well, one similar to it) which you should see now over there on the right. Especially if you don’t already do the LJ friends-list thing, JacketFlap is a great way to aggregate your children’s publishing related blogs all in one spot–blogger, LJ, all of them.
In their own words, “JacketFlap has become the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource for information on the children’s book industry. Writers, illustrators, librarians, agents, editors, publicists, and publishers visit JacketFlap every day. JacketFlap is one of the best resources available for getting your blog in front of the right people.”
My blog reading is usually just reading my friends page here on LJ, because it’s the easy way to do it for what I know how to do, but Tracy and the JacketFlap people have really been doing a great job in creating interesting content and figuring out all the good blogs and getting them all in one place–another reason I haven’t been over there, because I know if I add all the interesting blogs to my reader I’ll spend all my time over there!
So anyway, if you don’t know what JacketFlap is, check out the link. If you’re a children’s or YA author and your blog isn’t listed, check with the JacketFlap people about how to go about doing that.
Now I’m going to go figure out all the blogs they’ve added since I last browsed…