Children’s writing webcomic

Well, there’s a magazine writer, a poet, and a children’s writer. It’s been too long since I found the link (at least a week!) so I’m afraid I can’t give credit where credit is due, but I’ve just finally gotten back to it and have been going through the archives. I must say, it’s funny. Funnier than the PW Children’s Weekly email. What’s that webcomic called? Tales from the Slush Pile, that’s what. That one is rather hit-and-miss. For some reason I still read it every week–they had a good run with the illustrator and the celebrity picture book recently–but yesterday’s was kind of … cute, but not funny. Am I just not getting it, or does everyone else think this, too?

ETA: Ha! Read this one, and then read this one. Handles the subject in a very funny way, focusing on the characters.