I have been so crazy busy these last two days. One book to turn over to typesetting, another to get to the copyeditor. Plus I’m moving in a couple weeks, so I’ve been running around trying to make arrangements for that, plus I’m almost positive that the sinus infection I just finished yet another round of antibiotics for (3 weeks this time) isn’t really gone.

So you can probably guess that all I want is sleeeeep. 

On the bright side, there are some very cool things in the works as we get ready for Hallowmere’s debut later this year. Keep an eye out! 🙂 And hopefully soon, I will catch up enough to respond to some very patient people who have submitted stuff to me. 

So instead of watching Lost, which would need to engage my brain too much, I’m watching Medium, which is also really good. I wish they weren’t now on at the same time.