Today is international day!

Well, so was yesterday. I’m just fascinated by how we can make connections across the world with the internet. Yesterday, I saw on my handy little tracker I got a reader from Qatar, and today I have had readers from Ireland, Denmark, Romania, Macedonia, Netherlands Antilles (in South America) and another in … I’ve forgotten the other South American country I’ve seen, Singapore, Japan, and several from the UK (so I know Jen isn’t the only one! I’ve seen Kirlees and Stoke-on-Trent, Cambridge (Jen, I think), and a couple others). That’s of course in addition to the other countries (Australia, France, Germany, etc.) that we’ve already talked about.
And then there’s the whole breadth of the US and Canada, too, but I’m not going to do anymore Romper-Rooming, because it might be a little boring to anyone but me. (I see Amy, and Joey, and Megan, and . . . ) 😉
I don’t even have a way of tracking these beyond the most recent 100 visitors, but that’s okay. I just like glancing at the map every now and then and thinking how cool it is that people from all over the wo
rld can talk like this.