There’s bologna in our slacks


I have accidentally deleted this post not once but TWICE! Argh.

Suffice it to say that I have been watching Animaniacs on DVD, and I can’t do that without sharing a tiny bit of the doubtful joy that is the ear-bug of an opener. I couldn’t find the part with the boingy! BOINGY! boingy! BOINGY! in the very beginning, that tells where they come from and how they get locked up in the tower, but I did find the regular opener:

And, in the spirit of international day yesterday (see below) I can’t leave you without also sharing something educational.

Yes, I did mean Yakko’s Nations of the World.



Did you ever notice that Israel is misspelled in the labels? I never did till just now.)







Remember the Wheel of Morality? 😀

Now, with this little sampler, go find the DVD yourself–very worth it. You don’t find humor like this every day. (Though, to be honest, I usually fast forward through the pigeons and the singing cat. They’re not nearly so funny, despite my love of musical parody.)