A couple more shots for you from LTUE

Behind the cut. These are from my real SLR camera. Still more shots from my phone to come. (Meant to do it last night, but sorry, I fell asleep in the middle of the post!)

Gloria Skurzinski, writer of nearly 60 books for young people, mostly science and science fiction–see her site (linked through the picture) for a full list! Her husband, Ed Skurzinski–a real-life rocket scientist who once worked for NASA–accompanied Gloria to the conference and was fun to pick his brain about all sorts of topics. 

Gloria with Bob Defendi, a winner of Writers of the Future. (I’m getting lazy with the links, sorry. Anybody know if Bob has a site?)

Howard Tayler hard at work. (Remember my characature? That was this Howard.)

James Dashner, a local children’s fantasy author, discussing something with a fan, with Howard still working away in the background.

Me (in a sweater that I’ve decided will never get photographed again, despite how comfortable it is) talking with attendees after a panel. Some very nice people come to LTUE.

Whoops, nearly forgot to add the cut. Sorry for any of you who got it before I caught it.

Have a great weekend!