Fun with the sidebar

I’ve been very graphics-heavy in my LJ lately, and I’ve just decided to embrace it. My reading list on the side has grown to include both books I’ve read lately (though I certainly am not going to include an icon for every book I read this year! That wouldn’t work, I don’t think–though perhaps I might just make it a post I continually update rather than a sidebar thing) and the latest of the books I’ve edited (that are available to the public, at least). Well, that’s not technically true–I included the first books of trilogies. And I’m not going to link A Practical Guide to Monsters until we have final cover art, so I linked A Practical Guide to Dragons instead (which I didn’t edit).

But the sidebar feels a little more like a sidebar now. You’ll have to tell me what you think of the site here, after all the changes I’ve been making. I love that LJ now has a Seattle Expressions style–not exactly the dark feel of a grimoire, but I’m sure I’ll tire of it and change to a darker style again sometime.