Speaking of cats

Tonight has been an infuriating night of kitten mischief. I think Mogget is getting disoriented by the moving boxes–I’m moving in a few weeks and have started to collect boxes at work.

Remember the puzzle I talked about the other day? I started a new one on the card table, and he’s been chewing on it ever since. Today he knocked the entire nearly-completed puzzle off the table onto the floor so he could get at some inner pieces to chew up. So much for that puzzle, I’m thinking.

He’s also getting up on shelves and purposely knocking things down. He loves to do this regularly, but it’s usually shiny little baubles that look like they’d roll or fly well. This time it was a bowl. Thankfully, a wooden one!

He also loves to tip over glasses so he can drink whatever’s in your cup, but I haven’t had one out tonight or I know I’d have a wet spot on the floor.

The more frustrated I get, the more ornery he gets. I know he can sense my frustration, and not just because I tend to yell “NO!” a whole lot more.

Sigh. Time
to put everyything away and just go to bed. He’s rather clingy since I went to LTUE, so when I go to bed he usually follows me and drapes himself across my feet rather possessively. Tends to make me not move while sleeping, which can make for a restless night, but it makes him feel better and I like having a warm furry overgrown kitten hanging out with me. 

Also time to clip the claws. They’re getting a bit sharp and when he’s in a mood like this it’s usually best to have blunt tips!