Life, the Universe, and Everything–photo post

Thought I’d share a few pictures from the conference, too. These are just the ones taken from my cute little cameraphone, as the pictures taken on my real camera have yet to be developed. Ah, that’s something I should be doing today.

Wednesday night, Feb. 14–Pre-con dinner with guests of honor and special guests

I  can’t name everyone in the picture, because I had to absorb so many names (if you’re in these pictures, please comment with your name so I can remember!), but that’s Nancy Fulda in the foreground (

) and Howard Tayler in the center wearing black (

). To Howard’s left (the right of him in the picture) is Mark Daymont.

Our hosts, Aleta and James Clegg.

Symposium staff Peyton and Josh. Josh was the guest liaison, very helpful guy. Peyton has been on the staff for a couple years, too, I think.

A moment of fun. Josh’s wife in the foreground.

Peyton and her husband. On the left, Mark Daymont, a 5th grade teacher who is involved with the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Pleasant Grove where we did a Star Trek spaceship simulator earlier that day. Very fun, and I can see how fascinating it would be for the kids it serves. They’re doing a great thing there.

Um… yeah. Attempt at self-portrait. Why do my attempts at self-portraiture often come off looking like I’m sickly? I suppose it doesn’t help that I was a bit on the sick side that week, battling a sinus infection that I’m still trying to get rid of. Add the fact that I’d traveled all day and wasn’t wearing makeup… Yeah.

Me and


More pictures of the rest of the weekend later–that’s enough for one post.