My friend invited me to a movie night up in Seattle, but I wasn’t really feeling up to driving all the way up there tonight after work (still fighting this stupid sinus infection–so much that I even decided to give up dairy again, this time for at least several weeks to see if it will help), so instead I finished the puzzle I’ve been working on from time to time. 

(Aside: I’ve been doing it on a card table that is actually from the back of my car. Did you know that the wheel well cover in a Honda CRV is a card table? I think that’s the coolest feature of my car.)

I want to start a new puzzle. They’re strangely relaxing. Mind-numbing. Don’t require the thought that the knitting projects I’ve currently got going do.

So, perhaps this nice pretty picture will
let me tear up the old one. It’s too pretty to take apart again!