Normalcy and folk on the fringe

I came home from work sick today and ended up sleeping a good six hours and will probably go back to bed early. I tell you this because I wish I could participate in the discussion of the way that we treat normalcy and people on the fringes of society in fantasy over at


  is continuing at her own LJ ,but I’m just too out of it to be making any sense of the discussion. On a normal day, this would be a fascinating discussion. I mean, it still is, but I’m not really able to read coherently right now. But though I’m not up for it, I thought perhaps you all might find it interesting. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it later.

The discussion on the community starts with a post Holly made back here, then someone bumped it. (Holly brings it over from a couple other authors’ individual LJs, which links I want to follow eventually myself.) Interesting stuff.