Future LJ fodder

Here are some upcoming topics that I’ve been meaning to blog about but haven’t due to time constraints (or the fact that I never thought of them until this weekend). This is your place to comment and tell me other things you’d like to see here on my LJ.

Planned soon:

A recap of my LTUE talk, Collaboration: The Editor’s Role in Making Your Book the Best Book You Could Ever Write (unofficial subtitle: Getting Published Is Like Dating). Possibly including video; expecting a DVD from the symposium committee soon.

Recommendations of writing books

A full list of all the great children’s lit sites out there on the web, including blogs I read, authors to watch, informative publishing resources, etc.

Updated links to things like Cynthia Leitich Smith’s new LJ, which I don’t have right on hand and am feeling too sinusy to look up right now (but go look for Tantalize, which is out in stores)

A review of Wicked Lovely and anything else I’ve read lately

Pictures from LTUE with recaps of fun events such as going to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and running a simulation of Star Trek’s Voyager, all those great dinners with writing groups–including asking for people to identify themselves because so many names and faces were introduced to me this weekend that I’m unlikely to match them up well myself, RiffTrax Saturday night with friends from Timewaster’s Guide, and other various LTUE related stuff

Planned someday:

Thoughts on things that LTUE discussions sparked (though it tends to be leaving my brain as I type, and I’m not feeling completely up for remembering right now)

Whatever other things you want to hear about.

I’m sure there was something else, but the lucidity is gone again. I’m seriously considering going home early and sleeping the rest of the day. Apparently the barometric pressure is much greater here at sea level than it was up in the mountains in Utah. Though the altitude wasn’t kind on my lungs (I felt like the infection was becoming bronchitis, but it turns out I can breathe just fine here at home), it did remove some of the pressure on my sinuses that now seems to have come back.