Theraflu uckiness, entertainment choices

So like I said, I have another sinus infection. My doctor gave me a long list of things to try before and during my airplane travel so that the infection doesn’t get worse from the pressure. I’ve never tried Theraflu before. Man, that’s really gross stuff. Bitter. But I’m doing what I can. I also am trying a decongestant I normally see for cough-related stuff, but when I tried it this morning, wow. Not only did I not realize I’d been congested in my chest, it also helped the sinuses, and between that and all the other stuff I’ve got going on, I think I’ll survive the week.
I’m trying to pack for my trip and deciding that once again, I have no idea how to pack light. I have a choice between three different books for the flight, plus four movies (I take my laptop whenever I travel, might as well bring a movie). I of course must bring ‘s lovely Wicked Lovely, which I’ve been working on since ALA Midwinter. I’m about 3/4 of the way through and must know how it ends! I only read it at night as I’m drifting off to sleep, because I’ve been both sick and busy, so it’s taking me forever.
I also have ‘s The Princess and the Hound in ARC that I want to read, but haven’t gotten to yet. She is a Utah author, so perhaps I should also take it in honor of my Utah trip. She’s not going to be at LTUE (as far as I know, at least), but it’s that whole connection thing. The other choice is a book called Nobody’s Princess another ARC from Midwinter, that I picked up mostly for the cover–combine the title with the stance of the model on the cover and it just makes me giggle. It’s about Greek gods, so I’m not so sure I’ll be all that into it (just not my thing), but I might be pleasantly surprised. I was going to give it to if it didn’t grab me, but sadly she won’t be making it up this weekend after all. (I’ll let you know what I think, though, and if it’d be up your alley, zeliot.)
I know I won’t get through all 3 books, but I might just finish Wicked Lovely and start another one. The movies, well, I might just bring them all. One, you never know when you might like a quiet movie alone, and two, you never know when you might need a great girls’ night movie. I just got Bride and Prejudice for myself for Christmas, so that’s my latest fun thing (and it brings up good memories, too–watched it the first time at Cascadiacon w
ith zeliot and ). My perennial favorite Frank Capra movie, You Can’t Take It with You, is due for another watching (I think I’ve worn out My Favorite Wife, so it’s out of the rotation for a while). And I just treated myself with a little babysitting money to National Treasure, which I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a great movie, and Goonies, which I’ve loved since the 5th grade at Brandy Wheeler’s slumber party. The latter two I haven’t opened yet, and I might just let them have their maiden voyages on this trip.
And don’t even get me started on the swag I’m bringing. I have to bring an extra suitcase every time I go to LTUE, between bringing friends swag with my product points and all the bookmarks, flyers, ARCs, and samples I bring for the con people. Thankfully, that means I get to leave the contents in Utah and fly back much lighter. Well, but this time I’m taking my Star Wars minis back with me. The product room was sold out, so I said I’d bring my full set (that I won for employee appreciation week) to get a chance to finally play it with someone. So let’s hope I get the chance, or that’s just one more thing I’ll be carting around!
I’m still waiting, at nearly midnight, for my laundry to finish. Perhaps I should have thought of doing that yesterday, seeing as how the cab
will be here to pick me up at 5:50 a.m. I hate early-morning flights. I’m a late-night packer. I have such a hard time making decisions, that I end up staying up entirely too late the night before, and finally end packing about 2 a.m. I leave the full suitcases right by the door, toiletries and all, because I’m so afraid of oversleeping that I take my shower the night before so all I have to do is jump up, dress, and run out the door if necessary.