Drive by posting

As I’ve been preparing my talk for LTUE, one theme keeps coming up in pondering the role of an editor, and how an editor is often a collaborator in the writing process. All the ideas and writing should come from the writer, but the editor has a shaping influence on that process through the questions he or she asks.
I’ve talked before about how Ursula Nordstrom is my hero.

I never did finish that post. That’s just a teaser! You’ll have to wait till I come back to finish that thought, because between juggling deadlines, a sinus infection (yes, now it’s worse than ever and I’m on yet more drugs, bleh), and getting ready for LTUE, I’ve been sadly neglecting the posting. But all my thoughts are finally together for the talk, and I leave at 7 am tomorrow, and so I’ll still be out of touch for a little while. Hopefully when I get back, I’ll be well enough to feel normal again (ha, like I won’t come back exhausted, but I can hope–a dry climate for 4 days should do wonders for my sinuses!) and will post on a more regular basis again.
Meantime, have a great week, everyone.