YouTube and video posts

I’m so behind the times. I’ve seen so many other people post stuff like this on their blogs, and though I’ve enjoyed it, I haven’t bothered to figure out how to do it myself.

Well, that time has ended, because I have a digital camera now! Granted, not much of one, as you’ll see, but not bad for having come in a phone.

I’ve been inspired. I saw Jen Barnes (

 ) do a video post and now I have to join in on the fun! Only you’re not going to see me (though, come to think of it, I’m thinking about asking a friend to video my keynote at LTUE, an idea I credit to

 , that I just saw in an interview over at Strange Horizons). (And psst… note that he has a book coming out this spring! Check it out!) I’m truly going to suggest the idea to the LTUE staff, as a possible resource for later generations–especially the papers, given that it’s sponsored by a university that might want archives of the academic side of things.

Story: I have this really funny snowman my grandma gave me last year, one of those Hallmark Christmas knicknacks. Turns out, the cats are fascinated:

I freely admit it’s not that interesting a video, but if anyone wants to see my cats in motion, there you go. Now all I need to do is improve my videography skills. I’ll start with holding the camera further away from my face so you can’t hear me breathe. At least this one has some form of soundtrack at all. The others (which I won’t show you) are just the cats batting at the toy I’m holding and me breathing. Now, if someone has suggestions on freeware software I can use to edit music into those videos, that’d be really cool. Then you could be regaled with Tildrum attacking the ball-track. 🙂 (I’m kidding. Really. You can tell me. Please? I promise I won’t misuse the power of video editing!)