Weekend wrapup

…is not going to happen right at this moment. Too much to say and not enough energy to say it. I have been sick today, and have slept more in the last 24 hours than I have in a long time. I spent much of Sunday blanking as I talked to people, knowing something was going wrong with my head (I’m sure it’s another sinus infection) but needing to finish up everything before heading home from ALA.
Anyway, I’m looking at all these ARCs I got from the show, and thinking about what I’ll do with them–and with some ARCs I no longer need from previous years–when I’m done with them. Many I’ll keep on hand until I can get the book, or even after that. But what about the ones that I no longer need once I’ve had a chance to read them? I really should start looking for a place to donate them to. (This of course takes into account sharing the ARCs with other people interested before being done with them–I have several friends who love fantasy, for example, to whom I pass these around, but I’m speaking of after that’s done, too. And if I can read fast enough, I can donate at least a few of the
m to the Teen Center at the library, if I finish before the pub date.)
The library is out, because they need finished books (except the one case above). (And I do donate finished books especially when it’s something they don’t have in their catalog.) I’ve seen librarians discuss this very issue, and they’ve talked about things like donating them to youth detention centers–places that rarely get the attention that children’s hospitals do–or to soldiers abroad.
So I thought perhaps people in the Seattle area, especially, might be aware of venues that need books, especially those who don’t have regular access to a public library and not enough money to go to a bookstore. Suggestions? I’m looking for links to specific places, especially. I’m moving at the end of March and I’d like to work on lightening my book load in the next couple of months! Like that’ll ever really happen–but I’d like to strive a little toward that, even if it’s just a little bit, and do some good in the process.
Too many parentheses, I know. That must mean I need more sleep.