ALA this weekend!

I’m heading off in a few hours to the ALA Midwinter conference. Tonight there’s a panel that the three guests of honor, all fantasy authors (including Wizards’ own R.A. Salvatore). Then there’s a private exhibit opening for the VIPs, when I’ll be at the booth, and then tonight Random House is throwing Bob a birthday party at the Science Fiction museum, which should be lots of fun. 
Tomorrow, I’ll be in the booth most of the day, so if you’re planning on stopping by to say hi, that will be the easiest time to catch me. Come and meet some of our authors between 11 and 3 at our author reception (more on a previous post, which I don’t have time to find, including who will be there). If you know me personally and can’t make it to the booth on Saturday, call my cell and we’ll set up a time for lunch or hot chocolate or something. I’ll be in and out of the booth Sunday and Monday, not sure of the schedule, but I’ll be around the show so if you want to say hi or catch up, hopefully we’ll connect. I’ll be checking my email every night–I live here and have a lovely home connection :)–s
o if you miss me on Saturday you’re welcome to email.
Have a great weekend!