My cats are the jealous type

So I’m having a snow day today. Or rather, work is. My street is fine, but most employees are up in the mountains or down further south, in an arc that usually bypasses my apartment. I live in a bubble that usually keeps its electricity when all the neighborhoods surrounding it have been out for days, that kind of thing.
So, I made a fire and have been enjoying some hot chocolate, and thought I’d share with you some pictures I took with my phone as I left work at 9:00 last night. I had a project to finish, and I figured I could leave in the middle of the storm like everybody else and not get the project done–and probably be stuck in traffic for the 2 miles to my house–or just get the project done and leave when traffic had cleared. And it turns out that it stopped snowing by then anyway, and I got treated to a winter wonderland.

ETA: I know it’s really not all that much snow. Back in Illinois or Boston (I grew up in IL), that’s just a light dusting. But here, it shuts the city down because the road crews aren’t equipped for any kind of dusting–so the roads get icy, traffic backs up, people forget how to drive… it gets ugly. And we’ve got a lot of hills, too, remember!
Then there’s my car. I don’t think my car has ever seen this much snow, even the week I drove it to Idaho and Utah last Christmas and New Year’s. I haven’t had to clean off this much snow since I had my little Escort back in Boston. (Well, now, Boston was some snow. My first winter here we had two or three snowstorms. The first one was called the almost-blizzard of 2003, because it beat the record snowfall of the Blizzard of 78, but wasn’t really truly a blizzard because it didn’t have all the wind and such to go with it.

Then, the real reason for this post: my cats. So I got a really cute bag from work around Christmas time.

Isn’t it a great bag? I believe we’ll have some at ALA Midwinter, but don’t quote me on that. I’ve been using it to tote manuscripts back and forth between work and home. But in the last week or so, my cats have found a new use for it.

Yes, it is the territory over which they fight. When they
run laps around the apartment now, it’s so they can see who will get back to the bag first. Most of the time it’s Mogget, but as you can see from the above picture, Tildrum made it first this morning. Which makes for a jealous Mogget.

Maybe I need to make a cat bed lined in the material the bag is made from…
ETA: Changing of the guard. Now it’s Mogget’s turn on the bag.