New friends

I just noticed that a lot of people have recently added me as a friend. Welcome! It makes me want to say something pithy and interesting about children’s literature. But not today. I’ve spent the day catching up on email from 2 1/2 weeks out of the office, and basically putting out fires. Next, I have two manuscripts to finish editing and get revision letters out to the authors. If you are either of those authors, please be patient with me! 

In my off time, I’m debating between reading The Sewing Circles of Herat, a nonfiction written by a journalist (Christina Lamb) who spent a lot of time in Afghanistan at the end of the Taliban regime, or just watching NCIS/Law & Order/Law & Order and vegging all evening. The book was given to every Simmons student my last year there because we had two students from Afghanistan that year. I’ve been meaning to read it for forever, and all that time off got me working my way up to it–but not quite getting there. Like I said, it’s really hard for me to get myself to read at home lately, given the amount of reading I do at work every day. I have found that doing things other than reading at home refreshes me for work. It’s like my roommate back when I was in college–she was a culinary arts major, but the only thing she ever ate at home was cereal. She cooked so much all day, she said, that coming home and cooking was just too much.

Right now NCIS is winning. Because who can get enough of Michael Weatherly? Makes me want to check Dark Angel out from the library. Mmm, Logan…