Thanks for all the SF suggestions a few posts back. Now I’m madly scribbling down all the books I should be reading. Someone mentioned Robin Hobb, which reminds me that I have an ARC of Shaman’s Crossing I’ve been meaning to read because a friend loves her work. (Yes, I know Shaman’s Crossing came out long ago. But it’s the only one I have on my shelf. Not to hand at the moment, obviously, but anyway!) Wait, though–is Shaman’s Crossing the first or the second in that series? Which Robin Hobb should I begin with?

I’ve arrived safely in Illinois, and am lounging at my grandma’s kitchen table borrowing a signal from a neighbor somewhere. It’s pretty warm for around here–it’s been in the 50s, compared to the normal teens and 20s. No snow. 🙁 Even after watching White Christmas the other day! A train is rolling past–Galesburg is a major train hub for Burlington-Northern. In fact, I took the train here from Chicago this afternoon. So much more relaxing to spend three hours on the train knitting and watching a movie on my laptop than renting a car in Chicago and driving down.

Spent the evening last night with an old roommate in Chicago. I love that city. I get homesick every time I’m there, even though I only lived there about a year and a half. It’s just so good to catch up with girlfriends you haven’t seen in forever. All sorts of gossiping ensued, of course.

Stopped by the office of the magazine I used to work at, got a chance to chat with my former boss and her daughter about children’s books and all sorts of catching-up sorts of things. My former boss was saying that she and her husband are starting to plan what to do with the business when they finally decide to take a less active role (they’re both far past retirement age, but their family business is a huge part of their life, and they’ve stayed dedicated to it for over 30 years now). In the course of the conversation, she told me how her husband (the publisher) suggested that “couldn’t we just get Stacy to come back and be a higher editor?” That made me smile. Despite the electromechanical industry not being my life work the way I feel about children’s books, the time I spent at that company was a great experience, and they gave me the start I needed. Both Elsie and H.B., the wife and husband who I spoke of above, are long time veterans of journalism and publishing, and they have been dear mentors. I still do a freelance article for them from time to time.

But it was tempting, if but for a moment, to hear her say that, not only because it’s a great compliment, but because I love Chicago and I would love to live there again someday. Then of course reality sets in and I think about giving up my current job. No way! Seattle it is. 🙂

Days and days of knitting and watching movies and playing with my nephews and helping my grandma bake Christmas cookies await. I love this time of year!