Another Hallowmere blurb

Shannon Hale, author of Princess Academy, Goose Girl, and many others, says of In the Serpent’s Coils, “A luscious read.” Thanks, Shannon! We’re so glad she enjoyed it, and we hope you do too. Another month until ALA Midwinter–be sure to keep an eye out for Mirrorstone in the Wizards of the Coast booth, and pick up your advance copy of In the Serpent’s Coils. (It’ll be available in bookstores Sept. 2007.)
And if you haven’t read any of Shannon’s books, you’re in for a treat. Go pick them up! My favorite is Goose Girl, which is a retelling of the Grimm fairy tale by the same name. Princess Academy runs a close second. She’s a got such a lyrical style, and always has strong girl characters–sassy, as she’d say. (I still haven’t had a chance to pick up the latest of her books, the third book in the same world as Goose Girl, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it this Christmas.) If you’re a fan of fairy tale retellings and great f
antasy, Shannon’s books are for you.
I’m off tomorrow to Illinois for an early Christmas vacation, so you may not hear from me for a while. (Then again, with all that time on my hands, I may blog more often, who knows?) If not, hope everyone has a merry Christmas or happy holiday of your choice–I know many who have already been celebrating Hannukah, and if you lean more in the Solstice direction or whatever, I wish you joy in your celebrations.