Sadly lacking in the content

Sorry, been rather busy lately and haven’t updated much. Hope all your Thanksgivings were wonderful. Mine was nicely relaxing, and I didn’t do a stitch of work the whole weekend. And now it’s been a crazy week this week. If you’ve seen the news about the snowstorm in Seattle, that’s one thing that’s been going on. I went home early on Tuesday and it was touch and go yesterday on whether it would snow again and people might not be able to get home.
I’m trying to finish off a number of projects quickly because I’m heading out early for Christmas this year. I got a free ticket back in July, but didn’t know you should book those so early (I didn’t even know when I’d want to travel over the holidays until Sept. or Oct., and they said I should have booked it in July)–so I had to take what I could get on travel days. So I’m out of town, heading back home to Illinois, on Dec. 13th and coming back on Christmas Day. At least the flight doesn’t leave Chicago till 5-ish, which allows me Christmas morning at Grandma’s, then a 3-hour drive to Chicago with my mom and other grandma.
Then I have the whole week off between Christmas and New Year’s because the office is closed–though honestly, I’ll probably be working at least some of that time, because I’m going to be bored. There’s the temptation to drive down to Utah to spend New Year’s with friends again, like I have the last few years, but funds are tight this year and I have an invite to play games with friends here, so I might do that.
At any rate, you’re hearing less from me because there’s not much to tell. Lots going on in my personal life, because the holidays are like that, but books-wise, just lots of editing and talking to authors and stuff going on behind the scenes.
But keep an eye out for ALA Midwinter. I’m sure I’ll have lots to say come January.