Just got back from a Scott Westerfeld signing at a library in Bellevue. Was able to get my copy of Midnighters signed (the first book of the series, anyway), and bought my own copy of Uglies to get signed. I’d checked it out from the library back when I was raving about it. Also had the chance to let him know that reading the series caused one of my best dreams of all time.
Also got to meet Justine Larbalestier, Scott’s wife, who wasn’t there to present but still kindly signed some of her own books. Sadly, I couldn’t find my copy of Magic or Madness anywhere this morning. I could have sworn I just saw it here the other day, but maybe it’s actually in the office. But I did get a chance to quickly chat with her–after stepping on her on my way in the door, trying to sneak in during Scott’s reading/Q&A time. :/ Sorry Justine!
Both of them are the nicest p
eople, and I’m glad I got a chance to chat with them.
Also, while Scott was talking, it occurred to me that he bears a striking resemblance to someone.

Do you see the resemblance? On the left, we have Michael Weatherly, best known as Logan Cale from Dark Angel and currently playing Agent DiNozzo on NCIS. (Loved the first season of Dark Angel, thought it was a really wonderful science fiction story with originality and great characters and great ideas. It tanked for me in the second season, though it was still interesting enough to say it was okay because I still wanted to know what happened to the characters.) On the right, we have a photo of Scott Westerfeld at some sort of appearance. They could be brothers!
Justine didn’t bear any striking resemblance to anyone, but that doesn’t matter. You should still read Magic or Madness and pay special attention to the fact that it has a magic system that really asks tough sacrifices of its users. It also has a sequel, Magic Lessons, which I haven’t had a chance to read yet.
Also talked to two local writers, Jen and another woman whose name I should have written down because I’m horrendous with names. Much better with faces-
-if we ever met again, I’d remember your face! (Funny–I’m very visual. I’ll remember a name once I’ve seen it written down.) Anyway, if you pop in here, I’d love to hear from you!