Hallowmere ARC cover

Isn’t it beautiful? We’re very, very excited about Hallowmere. Stop by Tiffany Trent’s LJ () and tell her congratulations!
This is the cover for the advance reader’s copy. Subject to change for the final book, of course.

ETA: Oh! I forgot to add the cover copy, because of course you’ll want to know what the book is about!
As the Civil War ends, Corrine’s nightmare begins.
Ever since her parents died, Corrine’s dreams have been filled with faeries warning her of impending peril. When she’s sent to live at Falston Manor, she thinks she’s escaped the danger stalking her. Instead the dreams grow stronger, just as girls begin disappearing from school.
Then Corrine discovers letters of forbidden love by a medieval monk who writes of his entanglement with a race of vampiric Fey—the same Fey who haunt Corrine’s dreams. Who are t
hese creatures and what do they want? Corrine knows only one thing for sure: another girl will disappear soon, and that girl just might be her.
In the Serpent’s Coils marks the debut of Hallowmere, a dark, edgy historical fantasy series that teens won’t be able to put down!
Coming to bookstores Sept. 2007.