LOST-ness and Jericho

I’m going mad with the mystery. I want to know NOW! I think this is why I love books. While a TV show is only an hour long, if there’s a season-long mystery, they sure do love to drag it out. In the case of lost, it’s a 3-year-long mystery that shows no signs of being solved anytime soon. They’re driving me crazy, I tell you!
Despite that, the season premiere of LOST did get me excited for the season. However, I might just let the next few episodes pile up on my Tivo before watching, so I can have the instant gratification of being able to go to the next episode right away. Delayed gratification for instant gratification.
And I just have to say: I love Jericho!
you can tell that this is being written by a YA author in some spots (thanks to the YALSA listserv, I know that one writer on the show is the author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky).
****SPOILER ALERT**** I especially love the nerdy teen character, whose name I’m forgetting already, whose mom died in Atlanta and who works at the local grocery store. When he hears
that Jericho needs food and that the owner, a middle-aged woman whose name I also forget, didn’t get her weekly train shipment due to the nuclear bombs, at the end of this last episode you see the kid out in the middle of nowhere, investigating a train wrecked with a car. He opens one of the train cars and the last image is of all that food, the food intended for the grocery store’s weekly shipment. What a good kid.