One of these days…

I keep meaning to post two things: the links on the side to all things children’s literature and publishing, and a list of my recommended books. Perhaps I can do the recommended books today, because I have the Word file. I was going to try to figure out how to post just the word file and link to it on the side (hence the dead links on the left, if you’ve tried them).
But this weekend I think I’ll try to update the links, too. No guarantees.
Also, if you’re in the Seattle area, be sure to drop by the West Seattle Barnes and Noble tomorrow between 11 and 4 to catch local Mirrorstone authors and illustrators discussing their work with teachers for the B&N Educator Day. Jeff Sampson, Ree Soesbee, Anjali Banerjee, and Darrell Riche will be on a panel at 1 p.m. discussing fantasy for reluctant readers, and several Mirrorstone employees in editorial, marketing, and art will be present t
o answer questions about the books, too. Here’s the address, and you can google or whatever for directions.
Barnes & Noble Booksellers Westwood Village
2600 SW Barton St Suite E-1
Seattle, WA 98126