I just discovered that my friend ‘s archnemesis has an LJ feed. If you pop over to Brandon Sanderson‘s (as he’s known in real life) LJ or to his site and forums, you’ll see that during the recent Hugo Awards, Brandon and John Scalzi were both nominated for the Campbell*. Thus began a playful (yet deep, of course) rivalry that involves tiaras and Legos and Scalzi-summoning and all sorts of things I’m not quite sure of. (I wasn’t at WorldCon this year.)
So today I just discovered that Scalzi has an LJ feed, appropriately named . So, he appears to have been on LJ quite a while. Makes me wonder if LJ is the new battleground…
I’m not even a part of the joke, but I find it faintly amusing to see the reaction on the boards every time Brandon discovers another place Scalzi was there first. 🙂
This is a parentheses-laden post, isn’t it?
I haven’t read Scalzi’s work (as my last post indicates, I’m trying to read my slush pile first, and let’s not even get into the to-be-read pile that takes up an entire shelf on my bookcase), but Brandon’s got two great books out, so go read Mistborn and Elantris if you haven’t already. But not before you read Wayward Wizard. Or Time Spies. Or Practical Guide to Dragons. You can wait to read In the Serpent’s Coils, but only because it’s not out yet.
*Not a Hugo 😉