And in an encore presentation of craziness…

I bought a cake pan this afternoon to replace the one that, sadly, perished with the chocolate chip cake. You know how the labels are usually a piece of card stock adhered to the pan with a piece of rubber cement or whatever that tacky stuff is called?
Okay–scenario: I took the piece of paper off the pan and put it on the counter, sticky side up. There was a good recipe on there I wanted to save for later (it’s a Wilton pan).
Made brownies. Went to friend’s for a movie night.
Came home. Put Thai and leftover brownies on the stove. Forgot to cover brownies and put Thai in fridge. Yes, cat magnet.
Tildrum gets up on the counter. I’m sitting in the living room and all I hear is CRASH!!
Then Tildrum’s racing around the living room, crazed, with the piece of paper stuck to his hind foot. (Oh, I feel for him, but I can’t help but laugh now at the sight! Stop. I shouldn’t laugh. Poor thing.) Not-quite-grown little black streak of a kitten, dashing hither and yon and taking everything down with him, from the living room through the dining room, back through th
e kitchen and back into the bedroom. Under the bed! Nope, won’t fit! Out from under the bed!
That’s where I finally caught him. Poor thing, that sticky stuff doesn’t come off fur as easily as it does non-stick pans and paper.
So he’s walking around tonight with a ball of sticky stuff still stuck to his foot. But at least he doesn’t have an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of paper stuck to it anymore.