RIP, DVD player

Last night, I was all set to post about how powerful a girl with a drill can be, but then five minutes after taking my DVD player apart and cleaning the lens and getting it running again, it freezes up and refuses to work. I think it’s more to do with the motor than the lens–when the guts were still visible, I was playing with putting a DVD in, and the motor wouldn’t start until I tapped the magnet-thing that clamps the disk down. So something is wrong with the contacts or the motor or something.
And dang it, I paid a little more for this DVD player because I didn’t want it dying on me like my last one. That’s two DVD players in a year–the first one lasted about 4 months, and this one has been about 6 months along before dying. I think this one is the 2nd or 3rd up from the bottom rung cheapo $20 DVD players, but still! Still! It should last longer than six months. I bought my first DVD player in 2000 when they were still almost brand new, and it was still running strong when I sold it to my roommate in May 2005 when I left Boston. I can clearly see now that I should have brought it with me.
Yet on
e thing I know: I love my drill.
In other news, busy, busy, busy here with Dragonlance: The New Adventures books and with the first Hallowmere book in typesetting. We should be getting galleys back soon, and then after a few rounds of editing, off to have the ARC printed! We’re very excited about this. I’m very excited about this. And you should see the cover. Wow. I’ll post it when it’s finalized. By then, author Tiffany Trent () should have her website running, and she can share with you other goodies, too.