Wayward Wizard out; ninjas everywhere say "buy it!"

The inestimable Sindri Suncatcher, kender wizard extraordinaire, is the main character of The Wayward Wizard, book 1 in the Suncatcher Trilogy of Dragonlance: The New Adventures. It’s out this month, and you should read it! It does refer a bit to past history in the series, but readers new to the series can also pick it up right with The Wayward Wizard and enjoy. If you’re familiar with Dragonlance, you’ll know that kender (a race of small people with attention and pickpocketing problems) shouldn’t be able to do magic, so why can Sindri? Find out in the Suncatcher Trilogy. If you don’t, you may find a ninja peering into your window some evening.

Also on sale today, Time Spies! We’re very excited about this new series. It’s chapter book series by Candice Ransom. Here’s the cover copy:

A few months ago, Alex’s family moved to a creaky country inn. No soccer. No friends. Nothing to do.
Then, Alex discovers the old spyglass. In the blink of an eye, he and his two sisters find themselves on the inn’s doorstep . . . hundreds of years ago! Two American heroes race through the yard, with Redcoat soldiers hot on their trail. And suddenly life in the old inn isn’t so boring anymore . . .

Doesn’t that sound like fun? (And isn’t that a great cover!) In future books they’ll be visiting an archeological dig, among all sorts of other exciting places.

In October, fans of dragon stories should check out our Practical Guide to Dragons. Sindri, our above-mentioned kender wizard, tells all about the dragons of Krynn, including their life stages (those baby dragons are cute!–cuter than you might expect of baby dragons), their eating habits, their living arrangements, and all sorts of other interesting tidbits. Young k
ids will love this picture book and so will dragon fans of all ages.
You can get any of these books at your local bookstore–B&N, Borders, or your local independent merchant (this site can help you find an independent bookstore near you). Target will also be carrying the Practical Guide to Dragons, so keep an eye out for it. Or ask for it at your local library.