Back in Seattle

Got bumped off my early morning flight and didn’t get out of San Diego till 3pm. At least I had time to return to the hotel and find my laptop cord, which I’d forgotten (yikes!). And even had time for a walk along the bay and to sit at the pool for an hour reading (or rather, trying to read and falling asleep).
Slept like a baby the whole flight. It was wonderful, and I’m glad I had the time.
Returned to a 95-degree or more apartment. I really wish they made apartments with air conditioning around here. I’d buy a window one, but my windows slide left-right. Gotta figure out how to get a cheap window air conditioner to stay in, or pay more than I have for one built for such windows.
Returning to normal life tomorrow, so if anyone has emailed me or is expecting responses, hopefully I’ll be getting back to everyone this week.